Packages & Pricing

Information on how much our professional organising and decluttering services might cost. 

A Word On Pricing

These costs, prices and packaging are intended as a guide to help you figure out if our services will work with your goals and budget. 
For more complex jobs and bigger projects such as NDIS package support or ongoing arrangements, please get in touch and we can come up with a custom quote that suits your needs.



Hourly Rate & Gift Certificates

Gift certificates have proven quite popular with Fiona’s services. Giving the gift of a helping hand to get a project done or things sorted for a move or a new arrival. You can purchase the gift certificate of one of our “standard packages below” and get in contact if you would like a more customed option.

Professional Organising & Decluttering Packages

What I love about my job is that my clients and their needs vary greatly. As a result, I have multiple packages and types of services.

Below is my range of services with a brief description of each.

Residential plumbing services | Hobart, Tasmania

4-hour Professional Organising Consult/Session:

$360 Mon – Fri

$425 Weekend

This is my standard package, which allows time for in-depth and hands-on decluttering and organising.

I will work alongside you to declutter and organise your home with you, providing guidance and hands-on support as we work together at your pace.

Commerical Plumbing Services | Hobart, Tasmania

2-hour Professional Organising Consult/Session:

$250.00 – Mon to Fri only

This is a more light-weight option, ideal for small jobs, or if you’re wanting a more “small steps” approach.

Drain Cleaning | Hobart, Tasmania

1 hr virtual consult:


This is premium one-to-one coaching from the comfort of your couch where I help you to make an achievable plan for organising your home.

I provide you with mentoring and support to work through your relationship with “stuff” and your home, and get you on-track to creating a home you’ll love.

I also use this as a tool for Virtual Body Doubling ­­­­- a proven technique for those who just need another person with them to do a task and keep them on track.

Residential plumbing services | Hobart, Tasmania

NDIS Support

I love the work I do with my NDIS (participant) clients, to assist them in organising and maintaining their home and lives. I have extensive experience with working with neuro-diverse clients, clients with mental-health issues, clients with mobility issues and permanent disability. I work with children, teens and adults.

Working with NDIS clients will often involve collaborating with other specialists on the participant’s care team, such as Occupational Therapists and Psychologists. If this requires me to attend meetings, the per hour rate is applied.

If you are a Support coordinator or Plan manager, please feel free to contact me for further information regarding the types of support I can offer your clients.

Commerical Plumbing Services | Hobart, Tasmania

Declutter and pack for a move

Price on enquiry

Give yourself a fresh start at your new home. I can help you weed out all the things you don’t want to take with you so you don’t have to pay to move them and pack your belongings in a way that you can easily unpack and be organised from day one. Pricing on enquiry.

Drain Cleaning | Hobart, Tasmania

Declutter, style and move

Price on enquiry

Just as I declutter and pack for a move, I can also help get your home market-ready for sale

If you’re wanting your home styled for pre-sale photos and open homes but are still living there, we can use your own furniture and belongings with a touch of updated décor (which can go to your new home) to style and create that ready-to-live-in look that buyers love. Prices on enquiry.

Residential plumbing services | Hobart, Tasmania

Professional assistant


If time is short or if there is a lot to do, I sometimes need an extra set of hands – I have someone for that. I have a very kind, honest and reliable professional assistant. My husband and number 1 sidekick Dan.

Commerical Plumbing Services | Hobart, Tasmania


From time to time I run work shops on a variety of topics both virtual and in person – watch this space for prices and times.

Drain Cleaning | Hobart, Tasmania

Valet pack/unpack


Moving is time-consuming, stressful and chaotic. Let me take some of that stress out of it for you. I can efficiently pack up your old home and get you unpacked and organised in your new home so that everything has its place and you’re feeling organised and able to enjoy your new home from day one.

Residential plumbing services | Hobart, Tasmania

Hoarding & chronic disorganisation

We all know life can be messy and that mess can become overwhelming. Sometimes people will find themselves in big messes, due to more complex issues/diagnosis such as hoarding and chronic disorganisation. I’m passionate about helping clients to create calm and safe homes for the sake of their physical and emotional wellbeing. My friendly, collaborative approach ensures respectful consultation for complex projects from start to finish.
I have extensive experience as a professional organiser and have completed the Home Hoarding Solutions Service Provider training to ensure I can support a diverse range of clients with chronic disorganisation issues.

Support package prices are given on enquiry and in consultation with any services providing funding support.

Commerical Plumbing Services | Hobart, Tasmania

Rubbish removal

First hour: $80

Subsequent hours $55

Disposal fees: billed at cost price

All of the items that we clear out need to go somewhere. We’re passionate about ensuring that they go to the best home. Most items in good condition go to a variety of selected charities or not-for-profit organisations.

Unfortunately, badly soiled goods, broken items that are not viable for repair, as well as some items which are no longer lawful to sell must be either disposed of in a responsible manner or recycled.

If you have a lot of items that fall into the “disposal” category I also have someone for that…

Our Online Store

We also offer gift certificates and coaching services which are available for purchase online.  Read our cancellation policy here and contact us if you have any questions.

Custom Professional Organising Quotes

To get a quote on your professional organising, decluttering or downsizing project please get in touch. 

Mindset Coaching

Fiona also offers one on one mindset coaching. We form habits through a lifetime of experience and Fiona can help break those habits to create a more permanent change. She can work with you to create a new understanding of your relationship with “Stuff” and teach you how to get into the habit of regularly decluttering to keep your space orderly and organised.


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