Our professional organising services cover consulting, coaching and hands on help with de-cluttering, downsizing, moving house and more. We help with NDIS packages too to make your space work for your specific health challenges.


Professional Organiser Services

We all have mess in our lives either internal or external. We are here to help you walk through this messy thing called life. Fiona works alongside her clients through their mess and helps them reach their specific goals. She helps clean, sort and organise  along the way, with no judgment. And all at a pace you are comfortable with. Fiona offers support, kindness and encouragement along the way, helping you transform your home or space into one you love and works for you. Fiona gets great joy out of being a professional organiser and helping her clients create their kind of order in their space of focus.

All Services Include:

  • Supportive guidance
  • Hands on help
  • A respectful approach
  • A pace that works for you
  • Results based on your goals
  • De cluttering and disposal help

Space Transformation Services

If you need to revise your space due to an existing or new health challenge, we can help. This includes supporting NDIS participants in managing their organisational and life-skills goals. We also work with clients to update their spaces to work better for a new season in life. Perhaps you’re downsizing your home, or want to free up room for growing children to play or for a new addition to the family. Whatever your needs are, we can help you meet your organising goals and create a space you love

Health Support & NDIS 

We work with well known providers and support teams to help get the most out of your allocated NDIS support package.

We help clients change their space so it works better and makes life easier when facing physical and mental health challenges. Get in touch to ask how we can help meet your goals.

New Season In Life

 Life shifts and changes. Fiona refers to these different slices in time as “seasons”. Perhaps you want to spend more time in the kitchen and want your storage to work better for your culinary creativity. You may need to create an office space to work from home more comfortably. Or, you might have realised that your space just doesn’t fit your current lifestyle and the way you use your space has changed.

Whichever season your family is coming into, Ace of Space can help. 


A Changing Family Unit – Virtual Session

$132/hour session

Family units grow, shift and change. A new-born may be entering the home, perhaps one of your children have moved out of home or maybe your elderly parent needs to move in and catered for.

However your family unit has changed, Fiona can help create a space that works for your new dynamic and uses.


Decluttering, Downsizing and Moving House

Decluttering Consultant

As professional organisers, one of our top areas of expertise lies in the art of de-cluttering. It can feel overwhelming when you’re staring at a mountain of “stuff” that you need to shed but with Fiona’s help, the weight and load feels a lot lighter. Fiona can help you develop a plan that works for you at your preferred pace so you can get to the other end and feel that a great sense of relief.


 Downsizing Consultant

If you’re about to move into a  smaller space more suitable to the needs of your lifestyle and need to make some changes we can help. 

We can help you shed some of your things that are weighing you down. We can help you sort out smart storage solutions that will make the most of your space. And we can suggest interior decor that will help you acheive the kind of space you enjoy being in. 



Space Mindset Coaching

Changing our approach to the way we approach our “things” can take time and effort. We operate based on our past experience and forces of habit. With time and coaching, it’s possible to reframe the way you see “stuff” and treat things coming into (and things leaving) your space. It’s a freeing process and a lifelong skill to learn so get in touch if you want to learn more.


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