Meet Fiona

Fiona is our professional organiser and the heart of Ace of Space. Her home is in the Channel and her clients are in Hobart and all its surrounding suburbs.

Fiona is a Professional Organiser Based in Hobart

She helps clients Tasmania-wide to organise, sort, de-clutter, downsize. Essentially she helps them recreate and love their space.

Hi, I’m Fiona

I love to help my clients create a home and space they truly love. I enjoy working with my diverse range of clients, from those suffering from chronic and challenging disorganisation issues to the busy parent who just needs support and systems in place to make life that little bit easier. I have extensive experience in helping people to sort, declutter and organise their homes, as well as downsizing, assisting with moves and helping to get homes on the market.

I believe life gets messy, both internally and externally, and that we need to support and help each other to wade through the mess. You will find me to be a friendly, fun, kind and compassionate organiser who has no room for judging people’s homes or life situations. I am purely here to help you get out of the overwhelm and mess.

How I work with my clients

All of my clients are unique, as are their needs and their homes. I work hard to tailor my services to the clients’ needs and to support them to make decisions that ultimately let them achieve their goal of having a home that they can manage and love. There is no single method that I use, but rather I listen to my clients’ needs and desires and provide them with a range of methods to achieve their desired outcome. Some clients need me to be more “hands-on”, others need me to discuss and talk them through the process, while others just need someone there to help keep them on track and motivated. All are valid reasons to seek help in getting their life and home back on track.

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