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Fiona lives and works in Southern Tasmania and offers services Australia wide with her virtual home organiser consults.

Virtual Home Organiser Services

 Fiona helps clients to organise, sort and declutter Australia-wide. Fiona will work alongside her clients to create a space and home they love.

Fiona Mason | Virtual Home Organiser

Virtual Home Organiser Consultations and Packages

Ace of Space provides expert coaching online for all things home organising. Fiona is compassionate, gentle approach and shares her expert organising knowledge. Fiona works hard to ensure you’re in the right mindset so that you can attempt any home organising task with ease and support. 

At Ace of Space we believe that organings your space or home can be a positive experience. With our virtual home organising sessions you will have an expert offering guidance and cheering you on along the way.  


How they work

We understand that life can be messy, both inside  and out. It’s easy to get stuck and feel overwhelmed. Our virtual home organiser sessions mean you’ll have a coach to help you work through your overwhelm. We help put you on the right track to getting those small or big home organising tasks underway. It’s time to get your home working for you, not against you and at the same time create a space you love. 

For $150 you get a 1 hour home organising virtual coaching session with Fiona. In this session, she can help you feel more comfortable with starting, and provide guidance, tips and plans to help you reach your home organising goals. We can focus on a specific hurdle during a session or a sticking point and you can go back to your project with more confidence and some extra tools in your organising belt.  

Who are our home organising virtual sessions for? 

Anyone who has an organiing need and wants life to feel a little easier. If you’re committed and ready to start now, we can help. And if not feeling quite ready to have someone visit your space, these sessions are a good way to ease yourself into your home organising project. 


An organised bedroom bathed in afternoon sunlight
A sparce and well organised shelf

Who is a home organising virtual consult for?

Anyone who has a home organising need and wants life to feel simpler and easier.
– If you want help overcoming the feeling of overwhelm
– If you need help to move on from the procrastination stage
– If you want a jumpstart so that you’re in motion and moving with a plan
– If you want to change a space in your home to suit a specific need (or your whole home!)
– If you suffer from Hoarding Disorder and would like some gentle, non judgemental support and guidance to work through things
– If you’re neurodiverse or have difficulty calming your mind and getting to the action stage
– If you’re a family member of someone neurodiverse and need some support to make your space in your home work better for your specific needs

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